This is the Bad Man


ST. PETER, MN – This is a picture of the bad man. Many people are sharing photos and writings about how bad the bad man is and we feel that it is important that we also do the sharing of the bad man. We do this not in the hope that you will further understand the bad man or the circumstances in which he exists but instead so that you will like this article and give our well-liked publication more likes so that we can feel liked.

The badness of this man is not to be overlooked. Please, look closer at the badness in the photo of the bad man. We asked students how it made them felt when they looked deeply into the badness of the bad man’s eyes in the photo. One student said, “I feel as if I am being sucked into a vortex of many bad, bad things, including but not limited to: empty containers of Parmesan cheese next to the pasta line in the caf; the moral corruption of our youths and olds; Complex on any given weekend, etc.” Another student, just a boy, said, “The badness in these eyes reminds me of how it feels when I am influenced by the unhealthy standards set in our society that surround toxic masculinity.” The last student, a fourth crown writer and also me, had this to say, “The eyes of the bad man make me feel not good.”

I hope that you feel a cathartic release upon reading a work by an author who also thinks that the bad man is in fact a bad man and would like to highlight that. If you feel this release, please comment on this article saying things like, “Very insightful,” or, “A long, but good read.” It means a lot to us that you give us clicks for saying things about the bad man. Thank you.

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