Hill Crew Cheers on Philosophers’ Guild During Weekly Meeting

SAINT PETER, MN — Continuing efforts to extend their support network, the Hill Crew decided to celebrate a Philosopher’s Guild meeting last Wednesday at 7PM . Despite the glaring differences between the two groups, reports indicated that the event actually went swimmingly.

“Yeah, I don’t know if they knew anything about Kant, Sartre, Butler, Foucualt, even Plato, but they sure were really nice and happy about things,” said P-Guild member Emma Hobbes, who led a group discussion on the philosophical importance of holes.

“Those guys love talking about how important holes are! Hey, no one really knew what the heck they were talking about, even our smarter members were pretty clueless. Hell, I don’t think holes are important, but it’s cool to see them get excited about their own stuff,” said Brody Kearse.

Both groups reported being engaged in the process and happy about how things went. They were also happy to participate in the evening’s proceedings after the meeting.

“Yeah, we all saw each other at the Flame later that night and just had a blast. Couple of the boys and I talked about the NBA playoffs and how important it was to score during basketball. I guess the hoop is a philosophically important hole in that setting. Philosophy is crazy, bud,” said Kearse.

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