The Fourth Crown Starts Its Own Acapella Group: The Fourth Chord

St. Peter, MN- The number of acapella groups on the Gustavus Adolphus campus has risen for the third time this year as the members of our very own staff have decided to join the fray. This new vocal ensemble goes by the name, “The Fourth Chord,” and though inexperienced and made up of mostly graduating seniors, these song-birds aren’t going to settle for mediocrity in their time remaining on campus.


Evan Hansen, captain of this new acapella team, is more than ready to get the ball rolling. “We’ve got an exciting roster here comprised of some serious veteran talents. Obviously Lou (in reference to Louisiana Babler) is going to have to carry us in the beginning, but I think that with some time to get used to each other and build up our chemistry we should be able to snag a performance slot at commencement at the end of this month.”


President Bergman announced early on Tuesday that she is proud to see such growth in the Gustavus acapella community at the end of the year when most organizations would expect to see losses in overall membership. Some professors on campus, however, worry that the levels of acapella are growing too quickly at Gustavus and might upset the balance of the campus social ecosystem.

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Con offered the following. “College campuses such as Gustavus can only support a certain number of vocal ensembles before the trick gets old and the ecosystem is over-saturated. The bit is only aca-awesome in moderation. The tension was on clear display just between LeGACy and G-Sharp. Since then the aca-population has doubled, so it would only be natural for violence to break out.”

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