G-Sharp to Play Antagonists in Pitch Perfect 3

SAINT PETER, MN- It was revealed this week that G-Sharp is cast to play the antagonists in the upcoming film “Pitch Perfect 3.” After winning over the hearts of fellow Gusties with their soulful melodies and humor, the group will take their talent to Hollywood and share it with the world. G-Sharp was told to keep the news a secret until filming had been completed.

When asked about how the group came to be cast for the film, Senior member John Hughly said, “Basically the casting director was looking for a group who could sing well and play the sassy-but-misunderstood rival group to the “Barton Bellas,” and we thought that if a group of mean robotic Germans could do it in the last movie, why not us? So we wrote some arrangements of classic ‘80’s slow jams mixed in with PitBull songs and that was that.”

Some members of the group were reluctant to join the movie, saying that it “plays into the shallow, mainstream view of what a cappela is”. Sophomore member Carson Buehler spoke on this point: “Yeah, I agree that the movie is kind of an unrealistic version of a cappella, but it’s worth it to me to be able to make out with Rebel Wilson on screen.” He was hinting towards a  formation of a romantic interest with the beloved “Fat Amy” character. “Not to give away any spoilers, but there’s like four of us who get to make out with her, so I guess that was a big reason we agreed to it.”

“I think this will be a big step for the group”, Hughly said, “Very few collegiate a cappella groups can say that their CD will be sitting in the car of the vast majority of moms in America, but we can. And on a personal level, it has always been a fantasy of mine to be in an underground high-stakes a cappella battle that will inevitably appear in the movie. Oh, and a couple of us get to throw balloons filled with applesauce at Anna Kendrick in the movie, so that’s pretty fun too.”


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