J-term Featured Course ENG-401 Fanfiction and Fanfact: Contemporary Approaches to Narrative Recreation

SAINT PETER, MN- The English department is proud to announce their most highly requested January course will make a return for the 2018 term. Priority registration is currently held for sophomore English major and minors, “lacking all other clear ambition, or those with previous history writing theoretical works on Mario and Luigi’s distinct dialect,” according to the course description on webadvisor.
Jamilla Ballins, associate professor of English and the instructor of ENG-401: Fanfiction and Fanfact, is hopeful for a successful reception for the course since its five year hiatus.
“I am eager to teach my students how to approach fanfiction with transdiscursive, ethical, and conscious thought,” Ballins said. “[fanfiction] isn’t just self-inserts and gay erotica anymore, it is the revitalization of other’s intellectual ideas; including the installation of overused tropes, complex or non-existent plot lines, and incorrectly used vocabulary. I want to assure that my course is a resource for those who hope to go into professional tumblr fanfictioning as a future career.”

The course was put under a lengthened suspension following student outcry after the course’s open mic event, which traditionally concluded the four week term. At the event held in the Courtyard Cafe, students traditionally gave presentations on their subject, and allowed for thirsty audience members to lube up with pre-packaged freshly made coffee and take-home samples of their creative pieces. The course was put under probation, and then suspended, following a live reenactment of a 32,000 word slow-burn erotica featuring members of the Gustavus board of directors.

Senior communication studies major Minnihoehoe Giver is among a group of students lobbying for the course to be withdrawn from the registrar’s site, fearing a repeat of the course’s prior infamous repercussions.

“Normally when I attempt to withdraw a course, I avoid my responsibilities and attend class maybe once every thirteen days” Giver said. “But with this class it is clear that withdrawing it from the course list will take more than my singular act of academic negligence. For a long time the english department has offered more comprehensive and intellectual courses for the humanities, but this class is against the very nature of humanity itself!  With this… this smut!! The english department has gone too far.”

There has been no official statements offered by the registrar’s office or the English department at this time.

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