Fourth Crown Review: The Molding Queso Dip Outside of Old Main

SAINT PETER, MN- Today marks the three-week anniversary of the campus’ latest addition: the molding queso dip on the sidewalk between Old Main and Christ Chapel. Student’s have been able to enjoy campus’ newest mascot since Halloween and watch as it slowly collected leaves and dead insects. We asked the reporters of the Fourth Crown to review this new Gustavus Adolphus landmark. 

“I think it’s what our beautiful campus has been missing,” said Senior Editor Maeve Gippetti. “The way that the stench of Tostitos brand Queso Dip assaults you as you walk past it is a powerful reminder of capitalism’s presence in our society.”

“My favorite part is the broken glass that surrounds it,” said the Fourth Crown’s intern Jared Kipper. “The possibility that I may step on a shard of glass at seven am adds a little taste of danger to my morning jog.”

It’s clear that the queso dip is quite the fan favorite at Gustavus. With how much it costs to attend the college, anything other than perfection would be slander.

“I pay ten-thousand dollars a semester to attend GAC, and without that three-week-old queso dip sitting on the sidewalk that money would be going to waste.” Photoshopper Arnold Lentil said. “Without it, I would probably transfer to St.Olaf.”

Everyone at the Fourth Crown would like to praise the noble artist that first dropped the queso dip that would become the greatest piece of street art on campus.

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