Jedi Training to Become an Option for FIT Classes

SAINT PETER, MN- After much deliberation from the Athletics Department, the long-awaited Jedi Training course will be available for Fall Semester 2018. The class will count towards student’s FIT credits and most students who earn the title of master will be able to qualify for a spot on the Jedi Council. While having a connection to the Force is a non-negotiable pre-requisite for the class, there are a few extra recommendations we’ve drawn up for anybody considering the course.  

These recommendations include:

  •       Being born on a Sand Planet (i.e. Tatooine and Jakku)
  •       Owning a cloak
  •       Dressing in white or tan clothing
  •       Having the High Ground

The class will go over many of the traditional Jedi training techniques as seen in the documentary series “Star Wars,” such as: carrying your professor on your back, having drawn-out conversations about morality and responsibility, learning to do some flippy shit. Students will be required to get the Padawan side rat tail (as seen below).

At the end of the course, students will be awarded their Lightsaber and, provided they do not kill any younglings, will be a certified member of the light side. Any students that fail the class and go to the dark side shall be transferred to St. Olaf immediately.

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