Entire Vikings Squad Ready To Just Have Some Fun Out There

Minnesota– In a press briefing before tonight’s game, representatives from the Minnesota Vikings reported that the whole team is excited to have a good time in their game against their opponents, the Philadelphia Eagles.


The Vikings have a long history of choking during high-pressure situations, so it seems head coach Mike Zimmer is trying a new, more relaxed style as the team approaches a game that could send the team to their first Super Bowl in the 21st century.


Case Keenum, Minnesota’s surprisingly successful Backup Quarterback, had this to say: “I’m honestly just frickin’ jazzed to even be here. I’m too excited about the fact that I’m even playing in a real NFL game to notice the fact that it’s the conference championship.”


We also managed an interview with a Gustavus student and bandwagon Vikings fan before the game. “Skol. Skol skol skoooool. Skol skol. Skol.” The student went on to say, “Did you see that pass from Keenum to Diggs at the end of last week’s game? SKOL!”

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