Botany Club and the Caf Join Forces for All New “Weed Brownie Wednesday”

SAINT PETER, MN- Students and faculty alike reacted with unprecedented joy upon hearing the news of an all new savory food item coming to the caf. This new “not proven to be addictive” treat is a marijuana masterpiece, also known as the pot brownie. After months of exchange between the cafeteria staff and the botany club no one even knew we had, this chef-d’oeuvre came to fruition. We caught up with the head of the caf- staff, Leann Verhey, and the president of the botany club, Jeremy Link.

Verhey said, “This has been a dream in the making for as long as people have been having “nature walks” in the Arb at midnight. What better way to connect the campus than to combine the two most powerful things that bring people together: baked goods and getting baked.”

Link agreed, “We botanists know everything there is to know about plants. That being said, no one cares. We wanted to bring more awareness about our ever dwindling club so we came to a group consensus to start growing that good kush in the greenhouse in Nobel. After that, everything fell into place.”

These nuggets of haze will be available in the dessert and pizza (one stop shopping) sections of the cafeteria starting second semester every Wednesday.


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