Campus Fight Club Conflicted about Whether to Table at the Involvement Fair

The Spring Involvement Fair may be one club short this year as the Campus Fight Club has been unable to come to a consensus about if they should have a table at the fair.  

          The schism runs right through the heart of their top leadership. Club Co-President Steven Johnson said that “the Club is full of diverse opinions and visions for our direction into the future.  I believe that it is in our best interest to get the word out about the great community that we have created.”  The opposition led by Co-President Stephen Johnson, who looked suspiciously like Steven Johnson except this time he was wearing a red leather jacket, did not return a request for comment.

         One reason for the division within Fight Club is that the club’s constitution is very clearly worded to limit the amount of public recruiting they can participate in. “It says right there in the first and second rules that we can’t talk about Fight Club,” said a club member who requested anonymity. “Just by being here with you, I’m breaking about half of our laws.”

       That secrecy has led to problems in membership decline. Over the past four years of existence, Fight Club membership has declined by 75%. Steven Johnson blames this problem on their lack of outreach. “We started this club as First-years after watching the movie together.  Every year since then we’ve only lost members.  How are people supposed to join if we can’t tell anyone about it?”

      When asked for comment Dean of Students Carl Slobergh had little to say about the issue: “Wait, there’s a fight club on campus?”

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