President’s Ball to Focus on 1920’s Armenia

St. Peter, MN- It is well known that the theme for President’s Ball is built around the 1920s, but what some may not realize is that it’s specifically 1920’s Armenia.  It’s not a standard choice for the traditionally romantic evening of music and dance as, according to Eastern European Studies major Camille Proshenko, Armenia in the 20s was a hot bed of political instability.  “Over the course of ten years they flipped back and forth between monarchy and republic, multiple times. Similar to how I’m going to flip back and forth between my date and my ex at the dance.”

This thematic choice was not rooted in CAB’s love for the Balkans States of the early 20th Century, rather it was built around financial realities.  A high ranking member of CAB who wishes to remain anonymous pointed to the cost of the Big Concert as the motivation behind the theme.  “Getting a high profile act like 3Oh3! to come drained so much of our funds that we had outsource event planning to a contractor in Mankato.  Unfortunately we didn’t realize until too late that they specialize in European areas of turmoil under Italian influence between the two World Wars.  Really we should have noticed that on their website. Looking back it’s pretty obvious.”

It will be “pretty obvious” for guests when they arrive.  A man dressed as dictator and self-proclaimed King Zog I will be leading the traditional Albanian band in rousing patriotic songs throughout the evening.  A fun game of “blood vengeance” will be available for anyone who feels wronged throughout the evening. Refreshments will be available only occasionally in an effort to recreate the food security struggles of the newly independent Albania.  Be sure to stay until the end of the evening when the event will be invaded by Italians demanding fealty, which is kind of like a romantic evening in Rome, so that’s nice.

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