Trump Wants to Put Tariffs on Vibranium

WASHINGTON D.C.- The biggest takeaway from a press conference held last week was  President Trump stated that he plans to put steep tariffs on Vibranium entering the United States.

“I have some stiff words for King T’challa or Tortilla or whatever. The democrats have been way too soft on Wakanda. Was Obama born there?”, Trump said during the conference. In a following meeting, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, glass of whiskey in hand, stated, “Look, I’m sure the President was making a joke, I’m sure all of the paperwork he’s currently doing is also just part of the joke.”

A few days after the announcement, several democrats released an opposition memo simply stating “Uhhh???”. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi followed up by saying, “Trump clearly does not understand Black Panther, Marvel movies, or the difference between fiction and reality in general.”

Meanwhile, Trump has scheduled a visit to Wakanda for next month.

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