Gustavus Cribbage Upset By Bethel In MIAC Championship

St. Peter, MN- After a dominant season by our Golden Gustie Cribbage team, their playoff hopes were cut short this past Sunday by the up and coming Bethel squad. The Gusties were the resounding favorites to win and go on to compete at the national level, but when it came time to prove themselves on the board, they just weren’t able to produce offensively.


“You hate to feel like you’re missing out on the points that really matter,” said Junior Abby Kristjanson. “Bethel pegged on us early and hard, and we just weren’t able to focus on our own game.” Kristjanson was the team leader in average points per hand throughout the season, and she is feared nationally for her ability to turn fifteen-twos into double runs seemingly at will.


This loss is the most personally devastating, however, for Senior Captain Ryan Fjordson who has been trying to find success at the national level since his Sophomore year. “Ya know, I grew up playin’ this game with my great-grandad and his wife, Cathy. Since I was nothin’ but a little nib I’ve only ever wanted to bring them home a trophy to show how much that time meant to me.” Fjordson reportedly gave a rousing speech before the MIAC finals, but the Gusties just weren’t able to translate that enthusiasm into anything but pairs or the occasional flush.


Bethel will be traveling as a team to Indianapolis in the beginning of October to compete at the 93rd annual NCCA (National College Cribbage Association) tournament. There are worries that Kjerstin Jansen, their star player, will not be allowed to play, however, because it has come to light that she is not actually married, and pegging before marriage is sinful.


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