7 Must See Attractions In Saint Peter

ST. PETER, MN- It’s no secret that St. Peter is the reason that people even know Minnesota is a state. We, like, invented her, you know? Many consider it the “Hollywood” of the Midwest and people flock from all over the world to spend time at the home of Gustavus Adolphus College. Groups of people come to this small town, 10 miles north of hell, excuse us, Mankato, to soak up the vibrant culture and see all the amazing places St. Peter has to offer. So we decided to come up with an insider’s guide to the countless St. Peter attractions. We narrowed it down to the highlights because The Fourth Crown values quality over quantity (don’t @ us).




1. Epcot: Your visit to St. Peter would not be complete without stopping by the Epcot ball! Disney World isn’t the only happiest place on Earth!




2. Spade, the immortal townie: Rumor has it Spade has been stationed at The Flame Bar and Grill since the opening of Gustavus in 1862. Every town has a history and Spade is ours.



3. The Welcome to St. Peter sign: The feeling you have when driving into St. Peter is one comparable to the one you will have when you ascend to heaven. Snap a pic so you can remember that feeling to stop yourself from sinning and descending to tHE GATES OF HELL WHERE SATAN WAITS FOR YOU.



4. The Gustavus Sign: Similarly, this sign is just as iconic because people like to have sex on it! So go on, give it a whack! Hop on it! Haha, sex jokes!



5. 7 Mile Creek: Who even knows how many bodies are buried there! Spooky! Also a lovely place to gather for family picnics.


Nobel Construction.jpg


6. The set for the movie “Divergent”: You bet your bottom dollar St. Peter got its time on the big screen. While the franchise is over, we kept the bare bones structure around because construction is not annoying at all and people love the free climbing expeditions on the crane from 1 am- 3 am




7. Taco John’s: THE Taco John lives here. He is quite shy, but we are all really proud of his successful franchise. We love Taco John. 

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