Trump Dresses Up Like POTUS For Halloween

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Sources reported that opinionated billionaire Donald Trump dressed up as the President of the United States to celebrate Halloween. He wore a little U.S. flag button on his over-sized suit and went the extra mile to hire bodyguards to surround him around the clock. Public reaction to his costume has been mixed to say the least.


“Can you imagine?”, said Peter Walstrum of Connecticut, “Donald Trump as the president? Like where he actually has to make decisions to improve the lives of citizens? Preposterous. Props to Trump though for the best ironic costume I’ve seen yet.” Other Americans had a different reaction to the prospect of a trump presidency. “I think my brain just had an orgasm”, said Greg Malcolm of Utah, “Do I think it’s a good idea? No. But does it sound like a hell of a lot of fun? It does for ol’ Greg.”


Trump commented on his costume choice. “Relax you babies, it’s not like I would ever run for president. Although running a campaign and then losing and complaining about how unfair it is does sound like something I would do. Maybe get Russia involved too. Hm, I think I’m having an idea.”


Trump won the costume contest alongside weird Sunday-school teacher/missionary-position-lover Mike Pence as Vice President.

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