Ten Unique Caf Creations

SAINT PETER, MN- We’re at the point in the year when it’s easy to get bored by the options in the caf. That’s why it’s important to remember that there are literally billions of creations that can be made to keep things interesting. Here are some of our favorites.



  • Pizza bagels. This is a classic caf favorite that can easily be made with the help of the caf workers.
  • Human bagels. This is where things start to get fun! Just like a pizza bagel but with a slight twist.
  • A Pocketful of Yogurt. Bored by plain old yogurt? You should be. Stuff your pockets and walk around campus like you own the place.
  • A Gyro Smoothie. Just take a gyro and kindly ask the caf workers to throw that bad boy in a blender. You can thank us later.
  • A Cup of Boiling Plastic. Let’s just say Guy Fieri would approve.
  • 11 Burritos Eaten in Rapid Succession. Who would’ve thought?!
  • A Burger Made Only With Pickles. Note: The writer who suggested this was immediately terminated, however we elected to keep it as a warning to others.
  • All the Raw Flour That You Can Find. Nothing tastes better in the morning than pounds and pounds of raw flour in your parched throat.
  • A Tall Glass of Blood From That Girl Who Called You a Slut Freshman Year. Tasty!
  • A Wholeass Caf Tray. Don’t forget to stare down a couple of prospective Gusties while you eat it! Fun!



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