New Chaplain Throws Down Note Cards, Improvises Sermon

St. Peter, MN- The newly hired chaplain, Mary Fischer, caused a ripple across the inter-faith community at Gustavus today when she threw down her training cards and spoke about our relationships with each other and with God using only her heart as a reference. The religious excitement stirred up by this improvised oratory brought every member of the congregation to a raucous applause.


This move might come as a surprise to many, but for those who know Fischer this development makes perfect sense in the context of her hiring. Fischer faced stiff competition in the application process for her current position, and the college’s decision to hire Fischer over some of the older, more conservative applicants reflects the chaplains’ efforts to better connect with students. Fischer has clearly been trying to lean into her rad, bad-ass persona, and by finally throwing down her standard-issue Seminary Training Cards, she has cemented her image on campus as a woman who doesn’t play by anybody’s rules but her own.


Matthew Orange, a Senior Religion Major, sat down with our staff and gave us his thoughts on the sermon. “Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. She (Fischer) threw down the cards and I couldn’t help but wonder if she was gonna be able to keep that Serm [sic] on topic. She spoke for almost forty-five minutes straight, and I had some real doubts about whether everything she said was gonna please the big JC, but by the end she really pulled it all together. It was so exciting, I just pee’d a little thinking about it.”


It will be interesting to wait and see if there is any increase in attendance at morning praise this week. The campus is certainly already buzzing to spread the news of this woman of God winging it, however, only time will tell if this extemporaneous style of speaking is a fad or a full-blown religious movement.



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