Book Mark Unveils New Lingerie Line

St. Peter, MN — Did you miss out on a little romantic romp action during Valentine’s Day? Have no fear! The Book Mark is coming through to us students with more than just overpriced books and Gustie Gear!

The Book Mark has just released a brand new line of lingerie! Panties, bras, whitey-tightys, banana hammocks, boxer briefs, boxers (ew), you name it, they have it!

Everybody loves feeling like they have a sexy little secret… A pair of “safe rides” panties might just be your chance to have that feeling.

Wondering when they’ll be on sale? It’s too late! All of the staff at The Fourth Crown bought everything! You’ll have to get in touch with The Book Mark on their website to see when the next available line will be in stock.

Here are some of our staff members modeling the new line:

Parker Lindberg, working a few of the new men’s briefs

Bailey VDH wearing the Gustavus shield panties with the Gus the Lion nipple tassels:


Go Gusties!

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