Swim Team To Start Outdoor Season In Sidewalk Puddles

SAINT PETER, MN- Good news for GAC swimmers looking to increase their time in the water; the sidewalk puddles all around campus are now reserved from 7:00 to 9:00 every evening for swimmers and divers to practice. The recent and rapid snow melt is arguably the best thing to happen to swimmers since the invention of those cute little robe things that they love to wear.


The Olympic-sized puddle outside of Uhler will be used for the longer endurance events, while the twenty-foot-deep puddle outside of Old Main will be used for the divers. In addition, one of the sludge piles outside of the Campus Center will be boiled down and used as an extra hot tub.


So far, very few swimmers have been seen practicing, presumably because they are all at that one table in the caf eating three plates of pasta. However, several very old men from the neighborhood have made plenty of use out of these new aquatic centers, forcing the lifeguards to actually do something sometimes.


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