7 GAC-Inspired Halloween Costumes

SAINT PETER, MN- As Halloween approaches, you don’t need to look far for inspiration. Here’s some GAC-inspired Halloween costume ideas.

  1.  Gus the Lions Captive Mother– Why not dress like Gus’s mother, a breathtakingly beautiful lioness currently residing at the Cincinnati Zoo.
  2.  King Gustavus Adolphus’ Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandson Keith- What’s so special about Keith? Nothing, he’s just an average-looking dude with a lot of history behind him and an associates degree in accounting.
  3.  A Construction Cone- Nothing defines GACs beautiful campus like a good old orange construction cone.
  4.  A Really Wet Pasta Noodle- Anyone can dress like a regular old noodle, what makes this costume unique to GAC is that it is totally sopping wet, almost like a pasta soup.
  5.  A CF- Really easy, you’ll need: res life t-shirt, annoying personality, bunch of friends who are also CFs to talk about CF stuff with, the ability to constantly remind people you’re a CF.
  6.  Frat Guy- What you’ll need: “College” sweatshirt, slip-on sandals, a secret love for White Claws, really easy major, couple of toxic personality traits.
  7.  Sorority Girl- What you’ll need: same outfit as friends, “WOOOOO”, Truth Hurts by Lizzo, “seltzers have less calories than ciders”, mild nicotine addiction.

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