Opinion: “Campus Safety only wants to hang out with me when I pull a fire alarm or something.”

SAINT PETER, MN- Opinion contributor Joe Hurburt, Junior, writes:

“Look, sometimes dorm life can get lonely. I just want someone that can be on-call when I want to hang out. Excuse me for thinking that the campus safety dispatcher could be a close friend that I can call 24 hours day.

Every time I call to ask if they wanna come over and grind some Fortnite or something, they act all stuck up and find an excuse. So sometimes drastic measures have to be taken. Honestly, if they don’t want to have to respond to so many fire alarms and other potential emergencies, they should just open my snapchats once in a while. It’s like, all of a sudden, when I’m driving on the sidewalk in front of the chapel at 30 mph, they actually have time to meet up. Frustrating.”

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