Henati Club Inaugural Meeting This Friday Night

SAINT PETER, MN- After a long, sweaty, passionate, and dare I say sexy, battle for approval, the Gustavus Adolphus Hentai Club has received approval by the College Recognition Committee as a recognized organization this past Monday. With the college’s consent, they now look to make a move forward with their first meeting, set for this coming Friday.

As described in the name, this club will be diving headfirst into the Japanese animated adult media, Hentai. From when it was first seen as erotic paintings in 5th-century Japan to its modernization into the animated format seen today, Hentai has firmly, yet tenderly, grasped the attention of otakus worldwide, creeping into the recommended tab of m- I mean uh… peoples porn accounts.

While it has certainly gained more viewers in recent years, this genre of adult film remains highly stigmatized. Open discussion of the media has long been shunned and individuals who are open about their interest have been thought to just be kinda…y’know… odd. The Hentai Club wishes to change that. By providing their members with a safe space for which to discuss its namesake the club aims to change the public’s opinion on the art and hopes that it can provide people of all walks of life a place to feel welcome.

For their inaugural meeting, the club plans to put on both public and private showings of a variety of films. Several spaces have been reserved in advance including several lecture halls, a variety of broom closets, the christ chapel, a study room in the library, and even the Caf itself. Those in attendance will be able to choose their own space, with the stipulation that they will be responsible for the cleanup. The group also plans to have a round table discussion in which the themes and visuals of each piece will be analyzed.

The formation of the Gustavus Adolphus Hentai Club is a victory for all those pushed to the corners of society for simply following their hearts… or perhaps even a… different organ.

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