Chapel View Resident Unsatisfied With View of Christ Chapel

Saint Peter, MN — One month after moving into her cushy new Chapel View townhome, Gustavus senior Tasha Young made it known that she was wholly disappointed with her view of Christ Chapel at yesterday’s Student Senate meeting. “It’s an insult, really. If it’s called ‘Chapel View’, why can I only see the very top of the spire?” Young asked in desperation. She later added that she had not worked as a CF for two years just to be “backstabbed” by Res Life.

Young’s complaint adds to the ongoing wave of unrest at a number of residential halls on campus. Last week, the residents of Prairie View Hall delivered an ultimatum to the administration, demanding that the building either be renamed “Parking Lot View” or relocated to the middle of the vast prairie in the Arboretum.

“It’s time for the administration to quit playing us for fools,” said Parker Guinness, Co-President of the student organization Gusties for Accurate Place Names. “Unfortunately, change isn’t coming any time soon, and this heartless campaign of false advertisement will continue,” Guinness said. 

Since Young’s compelling Student Senate testimony, Gustavus administration has scrambled to respond. “With regards to Ms. Young, we value her feedback and hope to do better going forward”, read a statement published today. “In the meantime, we have offered her a free pair of binoculars.”

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