Inventors’ Digest Magazine Nominates GustieWare as “Innovation of the Year”

ST. PETER, MN – Every year there are millions of new inventions and advancements in technology that help us move forward and progress not only as a society, but as individuals.  Whether it be a cutting-edge piece of technology or a groundbreaking new advancement in the sciences, we rely on these wonders of the human mind to continue evolving as a race.  This year was no exception, as the Evelyn Young Dining Hall reintroduced their popular GustieWare 

To-Go system to the Gustavus campus.

A revolutionary invention that has left the campus forgetting what life was like without it, GustieWare allows students to eat their meals in any place they could imagine.  “It’s insane how practical these babies are,” stated first-year Eric Wilkerson as he aggressively attempted to jam his sub sandwich inside the GustieWare container.  “The potential really is limitless. I could eat this sandwich literally anywhere,” he continued as he smashed his sandwich down so it would finally fit.  

The sheer genius and creativity that went into creating the versatile GustieWare have not gone unnoticed by off-campus personnel.  The magazine Inventors’ Digest has recently nominated GustieWare as a candidate for their prestigious “Invention of the Year” award. 

“It’s not often we see such ingenuity and artistry in an invention, but GustieWare has got it all,” stated the magazine’s CEO Reid Creager.  “It can hold almost a half scoop of rice and after that, you still have room to squeeze in a couple grapes, and then you can take it all to go!” 

Critics have also praised the sleek design and thermodynamics of the GustieWare, reveling in its ability to maintain temperature for a whole three and half minutes. Recently, The Fourth Crown was able to interview the inventor of this esteemed product, Dining Services employee Josh Higgins.

“I drew a lot of inspiration from some of the great inventors. Y’know, dudes like Edison, and Tesla,” Higgins said. In the same interview, Higgins also revealed that the GustieWare was actually an unfinished project of Benjamin Franklin.  

As a campus, we should be grateful to live in the same era as GustieWare, as it helps us make our meals count.  More updates to follow.

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