Registration Guarantee: Students Able to Take One Class that Applies to Their Major Every Year

ST. PETER, MN — Registration for Spring 2022 classes, occurring between November 8th and 18th, is right around the corner for Gusties. Gustavus prides itself on being a Liberal Arts college, which requires students to take courses from multiple disciplines in order to earn an undergraduate degree. Driven to create the most well rounded students this side of the Minnesota River, even if you’ve completed all of your major courses with high distinction, Gustavus reserves the right to hold you hostage until you finish at least 3 badminton and religion classes. 

The most anxious time of year is upon us as students across departments fight for their lives in order to claim a spot in classes their advisors told them they’d have “no problem getting in to.” In response to campus wide hysteria over registration conflicts, Registrar Deann Schloesser consoles the masses:

“We assure all students that they will be able to take one class that applies to their major every year and ALL students will graduate within 14 standard semesters.” 

Schloesser encourages students with registration and graduation concerns to either send out yet another frantic email that will not be responded to asking for a spot in a required class, or to take 100 level classes until required course classes become available in the next 5 semesters. Sixth year Grayson White reflects on his past 11 registrations, “I’ve had a lot of time to figure out what kind of classes I like and even more time to work towards fulfilling my fourteen minors. I’ve been only one fitness class away from graduating for the last three years, but I have hope that this time around is finally my chance to get a spot in HES-144.”

We know this registration comes with additional challenges, including a new online registration portal and the fact that a student favorite, Fly Fishing with Mark Hanson, only has two sections available. The Fourth Crown wishes you all the best of luck in snatching a spot within your required classes that you need for graduation. After all, that is the Gustavus Guarantee! 

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