St. Peter Domino’s Thankful for Caf Closing at 7:45 PM

ST. PETER, MN- Thanksgiving is here and Gusties are finding all sorts of things to be thankful for.  Whether it’s an 8 AM class on a Monday, a teacher who gives you an essay over the break, or the 25 mph wind which reminds you there are worse things than snow, there are so many things to be thankful for on the hill.  When you travel a little further down the hill, however, another group of thankful individuals can be found.  In a recent interview, the St. Peter Domino’s said that they were most thankful for the Caf’s new closing time of 7:45 pm.

“Business has been booming lately,” reported store owner Scott Jancowski.  “We always have pretty tame business during the day, but once it hits 7:45 pm we struggle to keep up with the orders.”  Originally the sole employee during these hours, Jancowski was committed and ready for the onslaught of orders.  However, after three days of no sleep and being completely exhausted of all his pizza-making ingredients, Jancowski decided to hire more workers to help deal with the chaos. 

As a recruitment strategy, Jancowski increased his hourly pay to a hefty $11.00 an hour to incentivize Gusties on the work study payment of $10.00 an hour to leave and work for Domino’s.  The establishment has also taken steps to make itself more “Gustie-friendly”, now accepting Gus Bucks as payment and distributing pizzas in the versatile Gustieware for students to take back to campus.  

Not only is Domino’s thankful for the new Caf hours, but Gustavus students are thankful for Domino’s as well.  “My lab ends at 7:00 pm and when I get to the Caf I’m usually just stuck deciding how many chicken strips I want,” said first-year Jackie Granger.  “But lately I’ve just been ordering Domino’s instead!”  As a result of the booming business, Domino’s stock has also skyrocketed.  “We are seeing numbers we haven’t seen in years, all thanks to some town called St. Peter in Minnesota!” exclaimed a thankful Domino’s CEO Richard Allison Jr..  The US Department of Health is also investigating the town of St. Peter after seeing the staggering amounts of pizza being eaten by the people there on a daily basis.  Needless to say, St. Peter is looking extra thankful this year, all thanks to some great teamwork from the Caf and the local Domino’s.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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