Girlfriend Reassures Boyfriend That Just Because She Didn’t Scream While Traying, Doesn’t Mean She Didn’t Have Fun

ST. PETER, MN—The sudden arrival of snow on the hill has officially ushered in the holiday season here at Gustavus.  Sentiments towards the immense amount of snow have been mixed, but many Gusties are finding ways to make the most of the winter wonderland.  Traying, sledding down hills using Caf trays, has returned to campus to the delight of students and the dismay of drivers on Ring Road.  Among these trayers were junior Claire Barrett and her concerned boyfriend Adam Howitzer, who was worried that Claire hadn’t had a good time.  

It was reported that Claire had to reassure Adam that even though she didn’t scream while they were traying, she still had a good time.  “He was super concerned about it,” said a perplexed Claire.  “He just kept asking me if I wanted to keep going and after a while of him being all sad I just said I was tired and wanted to go to bed.”  Howitzer admitted that he had screamed within about a minute of traying, and felt really bad that Claire had not done so herself.  He expressed concerns that maybe the ride wasn’t long enough and that maybe the round of traying hadn’t satisfied her the way he had hoped it would.  Students also began to form trains of trayers to head down the hill together, and even though Claire rode on Adam’s train he was still worried that she had not enjoyed the experience.  After one particularly treacherous crash, Adam anxiously checked in with Claire to make sure that he wasn’t hurting her by traying with her.  

“I really just wanted to make sure that she had a good time,” said a weary Adam.  “Traying really takes it out of you though. I was ready to be done after I had to eject from my tray when we were about to wipe out this one time, but Claire seemed to want to keep going.”  When Claire told Adam she wasn’t ready to be done, Adam confessed that he didn’t know if he could physically continue traying with her.  Claire said that was fine, so the two decided to call it a night and just go to bed.  Both insisted that they had had a great time, and they were excited to tray together again soon.  More updates to follow.

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