Engineering Students Shocked to Discover True Purpose of Building Bridges Conference

ST. PETER, MN — The 27th Annual Building Bridges Conference, Knowledge is Power: Dismantling Systematic Bias in Educational Institutions, took place this Saturday, March 5th. This student-led conference is an earnest attempt to get the Gustavus community to give a shit about social justice issues, even though the majority of campus is more than content with performative activism head-assery. The conference was attended by more people than were in attendance at the GAC equestrian team show on the same day and thus was deemed a general success. Though the student organization has been working to promote the event through t-shirts, posters, Instagram posts, commemorative cups, and sending messages through vaccine booster microchips, some students were still uninformed of the event and its subject matter which led to a devastating misunderstanding. 

Junior Engineering student, Dolton Haynes, was shocked to discover the true meaning of the conference upon arriving Saturday morning. Frantically, Haynes reported that he and his fellow engineering students “had no clue the conference was about social justice issues” and were “disappointed to see that [they] had planned an entire engineering club event around attending a conference that wasn’t about bridge mechanics and construction.” Haynes and other engineering students who have been trying to put the elective major on the map have begun an engineering club called “Engineering Gusties Organization (EGO)” and had intended for the Building Bridges Conference to be an exciting excursion for the group. 

Not all was lost, however, and some members managed to enjoy themselves despite the initial disappointment. “When they started talking about dismantling systems of oppression I was confused but the pillars on the logo were erected with such careful consideration of form that I couldn’t be mad at them,” says Bryan “bridge guy” Barnes. The engineering club has begun brainstorming how they can partner with Building Bridges for the conference next year in order to spread the word about the importance of maintaining Minnesota’s infrastructure. 

We at the Fourth Crown wish to sincerely congratulate the dedicated work done by Building Bridges on this year’s conference. We do suggest, however, that a disclaimer be included in advertising moving forward so as to avoid this kind of confusion in the future. 

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