Students Convinced Chalking Vaguely Political Statements on Sidewalk Accomplishes Something

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but could a piece of sidewalk chalk be the mightiest of all? Yesterday’s rain washed away the efforts of a few brave students to completely resolve age-old conflicts concerning reproductive rights and gender inequality in America. The pro-life vs pro-choice debate is one that has plagued the political arena for decades and, consequently, plagued Gustavus’ sidewalks on Tuesday, March 29th. Armed with mighty weapons of blue, yellow, and neon pink, students on both sides of the debate waged a war on campus property by inscribing rallying cries and slogans across the otherwise apolitical concrete walkways. 

When asked for comment, spectators of the battle expressed a range of emotions. “This is a great effort to bring campus awareness to the nationwide discussion over bodily autonomy,” said junior Amelia O’Reilly. “I just wish I could read any of it… most of it is chicken scratch or smudged out by wet shoes.” Another onlooker, art history major Jeremy Barber, was moved by the pre-schoolification of such a heavy issue. “It’s truly moving to see an unconventional artistic medium explored for political action… all this expression accomplished with the mere budget of $2.16 at Target.” 

Tuesday’s aesthetically abrasive chalk conflict was short-lived, however, due to moderate precipitation the following morning. “The chalk messages stuck around about the same amount of time onlookers gave a shit about what was happening,” shared cynical sophomore Allison Green. The messages may be gone from the sidewalks, but the animosity between opposing groups remains. It is yet to be decided the effect this war has had on the national movements to either legalize or criminalize abortion, but preliminary attempts to gauge its impact have proven inconclusive. When asked about the historic chalking of ‘22, all but 1 supreme court justice failed to respond. The singular response? “Where’s Gustavus? Never heard of it.”

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