Res Life Introduces New Tent-Based Housing: “Arboretumview”

ST. PETER, MN – We’re well into the spring semester here on the hill, and housing selections are right around the corner.  A time where many hopeful students get their dreams of leaving the dorms behind shot down, tension is in the air as the deadlines for room selections continue to get closer.  Hopeful seniors pray for off-campus living, while optimistic sophomores dream of moving from Sorensen to luxurious North Hall.  In recognition of the impending stress and discontent around campus, Residential Life is opening up a new housing option for students during the 2022-2023 school year.  Eligible students will be able to live in Arboretumview, a new tent-based community being set up in the Arb to address the housing needs of the student body.

The announcement of the new housing option has been met with mixed reactions across the campus.  “I’m really excited about it!” exclaimed junior environmental studies major Sage Hoffman. “It’s great that it’s finally legal to sleep in the Arb, and now I get a tent, too!”  Fellow environmental studies majors are now being required to live in Arboretumview, so as to enhance their learning and experience. 

 Not everyone is as happy about the new housing, however.  “When I told Danny Sandberg I had claustrophobia and preferred open spaces, I didn’t think he would take it so literally!” said exasperated sophomore Peter Nickerson from his tent near the Melva Lind Interpretive Center.  

While the new housing certainly gives students more options, many are hesitant to pick up their tent and sleeping bag. For one, Arboretumview is expensive, costing students $3,500 a semester for what Res Life describes as “unbeatable views”, “an open concept” and “lots of natural lighting”. More controversy arose due to the questionable, yet complimentary meal plan that comes with Arboretumview housing: a bow and arrow and a machete.

Still, Arboretumview is sure to alleviate at least some of the problems that plague the current housing system while hopefully providing a breathtaking housing experience for Gusties in St. Peter’s hidden gem. More updates to follow.

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