Fun Quiz: Which Gustavus Gas Leak are You?

ST. PETER, MN.– Gusties, it’s the second month of the 2022 fall semester and GAC is welcoming students back the only way it knows how– several dangerous and prolonged gas leaks! While normally the campus limits itself to spewing toxic miasma from the earth only once per year, they had to skip some because of COVID and are making up for it now. With two gas leaks competing for GAC fame and a dispute breaking out about which was attended to by more hunky firemen, it’s time for you to see which gas leak more accurately reflects your personality! Take our fun quiz and find out!

Are you more of a night owl or an early bird?

  1. Night Owl    B. Early Bird

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

  1. Extrovert    B. Introvert

What is your ideal first date?

  1. Releasing fumes into College View      B. Releasing fumes into Sohre

If you picked more “A”s, you’re more of a College View gas leak! You’re spicy and you live for the drama! You’re the friend that’s always waking up your other friends in the middle of the night and telling them to “Get out of the building!” or “No, seriously, it’s dangerous. Can you please just go to the caf or something?”. You’re probably a Leo. 

If you picked more “B”s, you’re definitely a Sohre gas leak. You leave people asking “Wait, there was another gas leak?”. You’re shy, meek, and a little nerdy, just like most of the residents of Sohre. People might accuse you of being a bit of a bandwagon and of copying Collegeview, but just keep dispersing to the beat of your own drum. 

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