Admission Experiences Record Recruiting Weekend As Case Day and Swim Team’s Absence Coincide

ST. PETER, MN– Gustavus is an institution that attracts individuals from all walks of life to its fine campus to advance their studies. For prospective Gusties, there are countless appeals that draw the masses to study here at Gustavus. Last week, however, admission experienced a record weekend for recruiting as Case Day and the absence of the swim team coincided. 

High school students visiting Gustavus were in for an absolute treat last weekend, as they were able to simultaneously experience the Gustie tradition of Case Day and did not meet any members of the swim team. “I had an awesome visit,” said high school senior Jayden Vayner. “Obviously it was fun to be here for Case Day, but every person that I met while I was here just seemed really chill, normal, and fun to hang with.” 87% of visiting high school students reported that they “thoroughly enjoyed” their visit, with over 25 new students deciding to be Gusties in the following three days. This is a sharp rise from normal weekends, which the college attributed to the Last to Leave the Box Challenge sponsored by CAB. 

The record weekend for admission was followed by some concern. “I just hope that they realize this wasn’t a typical Gustie weekend,” said worried associate dean of admission Bob Neuman. “I’m a little bit concerned that they’ll be disappointed when they get here because the swimmers will all be on campus and there’s no Case Day each weekend.” With the great success of the previous weekend, the admissions office has come up with a few new strategies to increase the curb appeal for prospective Gusties. To start off, admissions has organized a number of new swim meets for the swimmers to go participate in while they conduct high school students’ visits. They also have scrapped the 100 Hour Challenge and begun fully endorsing Case Day instead to lure in potential students. Needless to say, we can expect there to be a whole lot more Gusties coming our way soon. More updates to follow.

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