‘The Fourth Crown’ Wins Paul Magnuson Award for Service and Leadership

SAINT PETER—In a distinguished ceremony attended by over 200 campus leaders on Sunday night, The Fourth Crown was awarded the Paul Magnuson Award for Outstanding Leadership & Service to the College. The prestigious recognition came as a surprise to many, likely due to the fact that the award for a leadership- and service-based student organization was awarded to a non-student organization that has yet to lead or serve anyone in the Gustavus community.

Senior Co-Editor-in-Chief Justin Feit commented, “It was an incredible night. How wonderful it is to receive this incredible honor that we in no way, shape, or form deserve, or are even remotely qualified for.”

Sophomore Managing Editor Nate Long told reporters after the ceremony, “Just think about this—a committee of educated, competent professionals selected The Fourth Crown ahead of I Am, We Are, Building Bridges, and any other group or event that has actual value and has helped someone.” Feit added, “Maybe they did it as a dare. I don’t fucking know.”



The Magnuson Award, the college’s “highest student honor,” is named after the Honorable Paul A. Magnuson, Senior Justice of the United States District Court. Judge Magnuson is celebrated for his legal integrity, dedication to the college, and upstanding moral character, three traits which The Fourth Crown has yet to exhibit or embody.

The Fourth Crown has enjoyed four months of delivering “hard-hitting” news stories, such as the new hire of a grouchy troll to guard the passageway between the student union and library, or King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden being named the MIAC Women’s Volleyball Athlete of the Week.

Prior to receiving the keynote award at the college’s Night of Distinction, the staff of The Fourth Crown was invited to an intimate dinner with other winners at the President’s House. Throughout the meal, Sophomore Co-Editor-in-Chief Sam Panzer was seen lifelessly gazing at a blank wall, occasionally murmuring “Why are we here?”

Following the distinguished honor, many hold The Fourth Crown to be a frontrunner for the college’s Edgar M. Carlson Award for Distinguished Teaching.